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11/2 NFL Prize Picks

Prize Picks is a game that allows you the thrill to pick fantasy players and root for or against guys in every game, without the fear of going up against DFS professionals or massive multi-entry players.

Simply pick a selection of 2, 3, or 4 players and decide whether they will go over or under their fantasy points projection. No other entries to fight against,  no optimal lineup builders to outsmart. You evaluate a game and the situation for individual players and place your picks!

2 of 2 Power Play wins you 3x your entry

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Let’s look at the Monday Night NFL showdown!


TB Bucs (-12.5)


NY Giants (46)


Don’t stress each individual player. Don’t make it that hard on yourself. Find your story on how the game will play out and apply that across the board. If you make sense of the game flow needed for the outcome you will believe will happen then all the players should neatly fall into line.


This line puts the Bucs at about a 29-17 victory. I personally am feeling like a 34-17 victory for the Bucs. This should be no real challenge for a TB team really hitting their stride. The running game and defense will be their keys to victory after they open up a first half lead on the backs of Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette.

For PrizePicks you need to select 2, 3, or 4 players and choose if they will go over or under their projected point totals. Basically playing by standard PPR fantasy scoring on most platforms. Make your selections, choose your entry amount, and win real money on the spot when you are correct! It’s the latest fantasy sports game and one of the most fun around!

See their App or Page for full scoring, rules, and eligibility requirements.


The Breakdown

Tom Brady (22.4)  260 3TD

I actually don’t think Brady needs to hit these numbers. This defense should be able to keep the Giants in check. Fournette could hit 50+ percent of carries or more if they are protecting a good lead in the second half. Without Godwin to truly stretch the field, more of the dink and dunk we are used to from Brady will be a focus. UNDER

Daniel Jones (14) 200 1 TD and 20 yards rushing

This is so easy to beat. A single TD run and he’s over. He has been good on his feet (when not tripping over them) But what if he gets benched? He has only thrown over 200 yards 3 times this year and has only 5TDs to 7 INTs. Oof… I’m going under, this Tampa defense is really good and I’d put a unit on him not making the whole game. UNDER

Ronald Jones II (13.5) 55 Yards with 4 catch for 40 yards

I’m actually of the mind that Ronald Jones and Fournette can both be the stars of the night. I know that may seem strange but I am on the OVER here and the OVER for Fournette if he were projected at the same amount.

Wayne Gallman (9) 40 Yards and 3 catches for 20 yards

NY is going to abandon the running game. No chance they are giving up running scores today so I leave it at just this, UNDER

Mike Evans (16) 4 Catches 60 yards and a TD

You might think that with Godwin out this production all goes to Evans. I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t like the chemistry I have seen between he and Brady and he has to have a TD and maybe 2 to go over. UNDER under under.

Darius Slayton (10) 6 catches 40 yards

You’ll see all the pass catchers are low projections but that is because it’s a low production offense that almost evenly splits targets between Slayton, Tate, Shepard and Engram. The easy course is to say UNDER on all of them and I will… but 1 of them is going to go over, which one is up to you.

Scotty Miller (12) 5 catches 70 yards

I still think the connection with Miller is the strongest for Brady. I like him and Watson to see the most uptick for targets without Godwin and think this is an easy total to hit. OVER

Golden Tate (7.2) 4 catches 35 yards

I’m not gonna lie. I think the GIants could throw up a ZERO tonight in the box score. I like Shepard the most so I am an UNDER here for the same reasons as I stated for Slayton.

Rob Gronkowski (10.8) 5 catches 55 yards.

I don’t think he hits the endzone in 3 straight games… that’s a gut call. This game screams running backs to me. UNDER

Evan Engram (8.5) 4 for 45

I can see it but he burns me every time I have needed him. I’m UNDER forever till he proves me wrong.


For the Kickers, easy over on the 9 for Succup and easy under on the 7.5 for Gano!

Good Luck!!!

-Jonny Danger


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