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Prize Picks Thursday Night Showdown 12/10

Prize Picks is a game that allows you the thrill to pick fantasy players and root for or against guys in every game, without the fear of going up against DFS professionals or massive multi-entry players. 

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Let’s look at the Tuesday Night NFL showdown!

NE Patriots (44)


LA Rams (-4.5)

Don’t stress each individual player. Don’t make it that hard on yourself. Find your story on how the game will play out and apply that across the board. If you make sense of the game flow needed for the outcome you will believe will happen then all the players should neatly fall into line.

Looking like more of a defensive struggle than what I would have thought when seeing this on the schedule a month ago. New England has been very good, crushing the chargers last week and the Rams have seemed to just gel lately. I expect this to be low scoring, same as Vegas does. And in such I am tempering my expectations on the QBs, the Kickers and the opportunities for the Defense to get a bunch of stats built up. I am thinking a low paced calculated game is due and am looking for targets of quick dump offs and an effort to keep the ball on the ground out of both sides.

For PrizePicks you need to select 2, 3, or 4 players and choose if they will go over or under their projected point totals. Basically playing by standard PPR fantasy scoring on most platforms. Make your selections, choose your entry amount, and win real money on the spot when you are correct! It’s the latest fantasy sports game and one of the most fun around! 

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The Breakdown

Cam Newton (16.9)  175 yards 1 rushing TD and 40 yards rushing

This seems like a fairly achievable line and as such I’m most likely steering clear here. It all just depends on how you think this game goes, but Harris and White have played well lately and I’m feeling the read option and quick pitches are going to be the most likely source of a victory from the Patriots. I don’t want to take this bet, but if you make me pick UNDER

Jared Goff (18.7) 275 yards and 2 TD 

The Patriots have always prided themselves on scheming defenses to eliminate big threats. I look at this team and it screams to me that they will double cover or try to zone eliminate Kupp and Woods as best as possible and dare this team to run on em to win. Add is that Goff has tossed 10 interceptions and thrown 2 each in 3 of their last 5 games and I think you can make a case for the UNDER and that is just what I will do.

Damien Harris (9.0) 70 total yards with 1 catch for 10 yards

In a slow-paced game that I think comes down to field position and calculated ball control I think they are going to get really into the running game and eliminate the excellent secondary of the rams from being a factor. I’m looking for lots of runs between Harris and Cam with some dump offs to White to lead the offense. OVER

Cam Akers (11.5) 75 total yards with 4 catches

Just when you think the ball is firmly in the hands of Akers, the Rams are gonna pull a fast one on ya. As much of a fan I said I was of him last week, I can really see him going back to committee here. It wouldn;t shock me to see 8-9 carries for each of the 3 RBs on this squad. With that being said I am playing the odds that any individual one will go over and the other two under, so I will say UNDER.

Jakobi Myers (10) 4 Catches 60 yards

Honestly even against league average coverage this number might be a stretch. Throw in how well the CBs have played of late and this is an easy UNDER for me without much more said.

Robert Woods (16) 4 catches 60 yards and a TD

You have to figure the Patriots will double him as much as possible. If you think he scores this is a pretty solid bet but if you think there is a chance he gets held out of the endzone I just don’t see the style of game that gets him over that number without a TD. I’m UNDER on this one.

James White (8) 4 catches 40 yards

This number is far too low for me. 4 catches and 41 yards seems almost a given in this situation. Unless they get like 2 turnovers and get up by 3 scores in the first quarter in a half I don;t see how this misses. OVER

Cooper Kupp (16) 10 Catches 60 yards 

This dude has 105 targets through 12 games and has 20 in a single game earlier this year. Quick slants all night long can get him there in a PPR format without a trip to the endzone. I might not pick this as one of my bets because I feel its right on but if you press me I go slightly OVER.

Damiere Byrd (8) 4 catches 40 yards

I didn;t miss a week calling for Byrd to have a good outing earlier in the year as he is one of the most targeted yet lowest production players I’ve watched this year. There is a bunch of attention on Harry and Meyers from this secondary and I am feeling like Byrd can slip through the cracks. It’s merely a gut feeling but I am on the OVER.

Gerald Everett (6.9) 3 catches 40 yards

The Patriot Linebacker coverage is pretty good and I am not seeing a bunch of upside from the TE position. The Rams last year featured one most weeks amongst their top scoring players but not this year. That three headed RB situation has sapped value from Higbee and Everett and I am on the UNDER here.

I hate picking kickers as it is so random and both carry injury notes into this game. Probably UNER on both but I will avoid in my picks!

Good Luck!!!

-Jonny Danger

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