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Thanksgiving NFL PrizePicks

by Jonny Danger

Prize Picks is a game that allows you the thrill to pick fantasy players and root for or against guys in every game, without the fear of going up against DFS professionals or massive multi-entry players. 

Simply pick a selection of 2, 3, or 4 players and decide whether they will go over or under their fantasy points projection. No other entries to fight against,  no optimal lineup builders to outsmart. You evaluate a game and the situation for individual players and place your picks! 

2 of 2 Power Play wins you 3x your entry
2 of 2 Flex Play wins you 2x your entry
1 of 2 Flex Play wins you 0.5x your entry
3 of 3 Power Play wins you 5x your entry
3 of 3 Flex Play wins you 2.25x your entry
2 of 3 Flex Play wins you 1.25x your entry
4 of 4 Power Play wins you 10x your entry
4 of 4 Flex Play wins you 5x your entry
3 of 4 Flex Play wins you 1.5x your entry

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Let’s look at the Thanksgiving 3 Game NFL slate!

Don’t stress each individual player. Don’t make it that hard on yourself. Find your story on how the game will play out and apply that across the board. If you make sense of the game flow needed for the outcome you will believe will happen then all the players should neatly fall into line.

For PrizePicks you need to select 2, 3, or 4 players and choose if they will go over or under their projected point totals. Basically playing by standard PPR fantasy scoring on most platforms. Make your selections, choose your entry amount, and win real money on the spot when you are correct! It’s the latest fantasy sports game and one of the most fun around! 

See their App or Page for full scoring, rules, and eligibility requirements.


My favorite Picks for the day!

Matthew Stafford (20) 300 total yards and 2 TD
He has only hit this target 4 times this year plus has a bum thumb and could be without Golladay. Houston has been overall terrible on Defense but a quick look at their last 4 games reveals they have tightened up their game against the pass ranking 25th for QB, 20th for WR and 28th for TE points given up. They continue to be bottom of the league against the Run however.  I like this as a fairly safe UNDER.

Duke Johnson (12.7) 87 total yards with 4 catches
Though he has disappointed 2 weeks in a row in good matchups I think this number is just plain too low. The Lions are giving up 4.5 yards and attempt and a league high 17 rushing TDs. Let’s say Duke gets his 3 catches for 25 yards and runs the ball 12 times for that average and you get completely reasonable 79 yards and 3 catches. He gets just 1 more catch than that or 8 more yards and he’s there. Toss in decent odds for a TD and I like the OVER.

Keke Coutee (8)  3 catches for 50 yards
WIth Still and Cobb looking to be missing in action Coutee will get the start in 3 wide sets. He’s a big play specialist against the Lions? Yes please. I don;t have huge expectations but I would take the OVER here if it stays at 8.

Amari Cooper (14.2) 4 catches 45 yards and a TD
There is a path here to over 14 points without a TD but I think he will need it to get there. I like what I saw from the Cowboys last week even though it was the Vikings they played. I actually liked them to win outright before the week started. I like them here too with Dalton back. OVER

Ben Roethlisberger (20.4) 225 Yards, 3 and a TD
Oof… I know they are undefeated and at home, but the Baltimore Defense is pretty good and I am not seeing this game shoot out. I think Ben gets held to 2 TDs tops and that means he would need over 300 yards. So far only Pat Mahomes has beat this projection on the year. Easy UNDER.

Lamar Jackson (20.5) 200 yards 1 passing TD,  40 Yards on the ground and a rushing TD
I would normally say under here but with 2 RBs out this week for Baltimore I am guessing Lamar gets more involved. I am probably staying away from this pick in a second matchup of the year in a big time divisional match. If forced to pick I say OVER as he is really the only weapon Baltimore can use with a little help from his legs and Mark Andrews.

Diontae Johnson (15) 4 catches 50 for yards and a TD
Baltimore Defense should focus on not letting JuJu or Claypool get behind them and make them force the ball to the center of the field to Johnson. I feel if Ben throws more than 1 TD that Diontae will get his. I’m OVER on this one.

Dez Bryant (6.5) 3 Catches 35 yards
His floor is literally ZERO. I have to go UNDER here and fairly safely.


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Good Luck!!!

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