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NFL Schedule

NFL Schedule

Game DateHome TeamAway TeamKickoffTV
Week 3
Thu, Sep 22, 2022CLEPIT08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Sep 25, 2022CARNO01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022CHIHOU01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Sep 25, 2022INDKC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Sep 25, 2022MIABUF01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Sep 25, 2022MINDET01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022NEBAL01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022NYJCIN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Sep 25, 2022TENLV01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022WASPHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022LACJAC04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Sep 25, 2022ARILAR04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022SEAATL04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022TBGB04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Sep 25, 2022DENSF08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Sep 26, 2022NYGDAL08:15 ETESPN
Week 4
Thu, Sep 29, 2022CINMIA08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Oct 2, 2022NOMIN09:30 ETNFL NET
Sun, Oct 2, 2022ATLCLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022BALBUF01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022DALWAS01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 2, 2022DETSEA01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 2, 2022HOULAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022INDTEN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 2, 2022NYGCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 2, 2022PHIJAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022PITNYJ01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022CARARI04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 2, 2022GBNE04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022LVDEN04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 2, 2022TBKC08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Oct 3, 2022SFLAR08:15 ETESPN
Week 5
Thu, Oct 6, 2022DENIND08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Oct 9, 2022GBNYG09:30 ETNFL NET
Sun, Oct 9, 2022BUFPIT01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022CLELAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022JACHOU01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022MINCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022NEDET01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022NOSEA01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022NYJMIA01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022TBATL01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022WASTEN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022CARSF04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 9, 2022ARIPHI04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022LARDAL04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 9, 2022BALCIN08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Oct 10, 2022KCLV08:15 ETESPN
Week 6
Thu, Oct 13, 2022CHIWAS08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Oct 16, 2022ATLSF01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022CLENE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 16, 2022GBNYJ01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022INDJAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 16, 2022MIAMIN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022NOCIN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 16, 2022NYGBAL01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 16, 2022PITTB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022LARCAR04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022SEAARI04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 16, 2022KCBUF04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 16, 2022PHIDAL08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Oct 17, 2022LACDEN08:15 ETESPN
Week 7
Thu, Oct 20, 2022ARINO08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Oct 23, 2022BALCLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 23, 2022CARTB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022CINATL01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022DALDET01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 23, 2022JACNYG01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022TENIND01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 23, 2022WASGB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022DENNYJ04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 23, 2022LVHOU04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 23, 2022LACSEA04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022SFKC04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 23, 2022MIAPIT08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Oct 24, 2022NECHI08:15 ETESPN
Week 8
Thu, Oct 27, 2022TBBAL08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Oct 30, 2022JACDEN09:30 ETESPN
Sun, Oct 30, 2022ATLCAR01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022DALCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022DETMIA01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 30, 2022MINARI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022NOLV01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 30, 2022NYJNE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 30, 2022PHIPIT01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 30, 2022HOUTEN04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Oct 30, 2022INDWAS04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022LARSF04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022SEANYG04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Oct 30, 2022BUFGB08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Oct 31, 2022CLECIN08:15 ETESPN
Week 9
Thu, Nov 3, 2022HOUPHI08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Nov 6, 2022ATLLAC01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 6, 2022CHIMIA01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 6, 2022CINCAR01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 6, 2022DETGB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 6, 2022JACLV01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 6, 2022NEIND01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 6, 2022NYJBUF01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 6, 2022WASMIN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 6, 2022ARISEA04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 6, 2022TBLAR04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 6, 2022KCTEN08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Nov 7, 2022NOBAL08:15 ETESPN
Week 10
Thu, Nov 10, 2022CARATL08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Nov 13, 2022TBSEA09:30 ETNFL NET
Sun, Nov 13, 2022BUFMIN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 13, 2022CHIDET01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 13, 2022KCJAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 13, 2022MIACLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 13, 2022NYGHOU01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 13, 2022PITNO01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 13, 2022TENDEN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 13, 2022LVIND04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 13, 2022GBDAL04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 13, 2022LARARI04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 13, 2022SFLAC08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Nov 14, 2022PHIWAS08:15 ETESPN
Week 11
Thu, Nov 17, 2022GBTEN08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Nov 20, 2022ATLCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022BALCAR01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022BUFCLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 20, 2022HOUWAS01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022INDPHI01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 20, 2022NENYJ01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 20, 2022NOLAR01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022NYGDET01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022DENLV04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 20, 2022LACKC04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 20, 2022MINDAL04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 20, 2022PITCIN08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Nov 21, 2022ARISF08:15 ETESPN
Week 12
Thu, Nov 24, 2022DETBUF12:30 ETCBS
Thu, Nov 24, 2022DALNYG04:30 ETFOX
Thu, Nov 24, 2022MINNE08:20 ETNBC
Sun, Nov 27, 2022CARDEN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022CLETB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022JACBAL01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 27, 2022MIAHOU01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 27, 2022NYJCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022TENCIN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 27, 2022WASATL01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022ARILAC04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 27, 2022SEALV04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Nov 27, 2022KCLAR04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022SFNO04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Nov 27, 2022PHIGB08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Nov 28, 2022INDPIT08:15 ETESPN
Week 13
Thu, Dec 1, 2022NEBUF08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Dec 4, 2022ATLPIT01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022BALDEN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022CHIGB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022DETJAC01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022HOUCLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022MINNYJ01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022NYGWAS01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022PHITEN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022LARSEA04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022SFMIA04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 4, 2022CINKC04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022LVLAC04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 4, 2022DALIND08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Dec 5, 2022TBNO08:15 ETESPN
Week 14
Thu, Dec 8, 2022LARLV08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Dec 11, 2022BUFNYJ01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 11, 2022CINCLE01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 11, 2022DALHOU01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 11, 2022DETMIN01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 11, 2022NYGPHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 11, 2022PITBAL01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 11, 2022TENJAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 11, 2022LACMIA04:05 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 11, 2022SEACAR04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 11, 2022SFTB04:25 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 11, 2022DENKC08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Dec 12, 2022ARINE08:15 ETESPN
Week 15
Thu, Dec 15, 2022SEASF08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Dec 18, 2022BUFMIA01:00 ET
Sun, Dec 18, 2022CLEBAL01:00 ET
Sun, Dec 18, 2022MININD01:00 ET
Sun, Dec 18, 2022NOATL01:00 ET
Sun, Dec 18, 2022WASNYG01:00 ET
Sun, Dec 18, 2022CARPIT01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 18, 2022CHIPHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 18, 2022HOUKC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 18, 2022JACDAL01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 18, 2022NYJDET01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 18, 2022DENARI04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 18, 2022LACTEN04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 18, 2022TBCIN04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 18, 2022LVNE08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Dec 19, 2022GBLAR08:15 ETESPN
Week 16
Thu, Dec 22, 2022NYJJAC08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sat, Dec 24, 2022BALATL01:00 ETFOX
Sat, Dec 24, 2022CARDET01:00 ETFOX
Sat, Dec 24, 2022CHIBUF01:00 ETCBS
Sat, Dec 24, 2022CLENO01:00 ETCBS
Sat, Dec 24, 2022KCSEA01:00 ETFOX
Sat, Dec 24, 2022MINNYG01:00 ETFOX
Sat, Dec 24, 2022NECIN01:00 ETCBS
Sat, Dec 24, 2022TENHOU01:00 ETCBS
Sat, Dec 24, 2022SFWAS04:05 ETCBS
Sat, Dec 24, 2022DALPHI04:25 ETFOX
Sat, Dec 24, 2022PITLV08:15 ETNFL NET
Sun, Dec 25, 2022MIAGB01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Dec 25, 2022LARDEN04:30 ETCBS
Sun, Dec 25, 2022ARITB08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Dec 26, 2022INDLAC08:15 ETESPN
Week 17
Thu, Dec 29, 2022TENDAL08:15 ETPRIME VIDEO
Sun, Jan 1, 2023ATLARI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023BALPIT01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023DETCHI01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023HOUJAC01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023KCDEN01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023NEMIA01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023NYGIND01:00 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023PHINO01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023TBCAR01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023WASCLE01:00 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023LVSF04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023SEANYJ04:05 ETFOX
Sun, Jan 1, 2023GBMIN04:25 ETCBS
Sun, Jan 1, 2023LACLAR08:20 ETNBC
Mon, Jan 2, 2023CINBUF08:30 ETESPN
Week 18
Sun, Jan 8, 2023ATLTB01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023BUFNE01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023CHIMIN01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023CINBAL01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023DENLAC01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023GBDET01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023INDHOU01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023JACTEN01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023LVKC01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023MIANYJ01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023NOCAR01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023PHINYG01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023PITCLE01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023SEALAR01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023SFARI01:00 ET
Sun, Jan 8, 2023WASDAL01:00 ET

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