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DEF Projections

DEF Projections

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QB / RB / WR / TE / DEF / K

TeamSacksIntTDSp Tm TDFan Pts
Pittsburgh Steelers471531115
Baltimore Ravens421531108
New Orleans Saints441331106
Kansas City Chiefs421531106
San Francisco 49ers461430105
New England Patriots411730104
Indianapolis Colts421331103
Los Angeles Rams441430102
Buffalo Bills41143098
Philadelphia Eagles39143096
Tampa Bay Buccaneers39133095
Denver Broncos39133093
Seattle Seahawks35143093
Minnesota Vikings43132092
Green Bay Packers40152092
Chicago Bears37132192
Los Angeles Chargers37132190
Washington Football Team42122089
New York Jets35133089
Cleveland Browns39142089
Jacksonville Jaguars38112188
Tennessee Titans39132087
Dallas Cowboys39122086
Carolina Panthers40122085
Detroit Lions33112184
Houston Texans34132083
Miami Dolphins31132183
Arizona Cardinals38112083
Cincinnati Bengals35132082
Las Vegas Raiders35132082
New York Giants34132081
Atlanta Falcons33122079