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Saturday 2 Game Slate

I’m not getting cute here. The best upside and chalkiest play is C.J. Stroud and the only other QB I am considering is Tyler Huntley who has flashed ability in times of need. We attack the Colts on the ground and Devin Singletary has firm control of that backfield and I am firing him up especially coming in under Jonathan Taylor’s ownership. Najee Harris is just outside of 1000 yards on the season and is less volatile than Jaylen Warren and I just don’t see the Ravens pounding the ball oddly enough. Baltimore pass catchers are intriguing and going to be excellent pivots with my preference being Isaiah Likely, and Nelson Agholar. It’s all about Nico Collins and Michael Pittman in the chalk talk and going with just one is probably the pivot you want.

Minshew – I would rather have any Minshew share turn into Huntley. I’m a full fade.
Taylor – His upside versus his ownership are way out of whack with similar projections for Singletary or either of the Pittsburgh guys.
Josh Downs – Give me Pickens, Diontae or Agholor all day over his price, projections, and ownership
Schultz – too much is being made of the incentives and his upside is no better than Freiermuth or Likely

Huntley – Has shined in spot starts and is in a good one today.
Warren or Harris – I have to have one of these guys in for the slim options today.
Diontae Johnson – going basically over looked
Rashod Bateman or Nelson Agholor- This off brand Baltimore stack is going win someone money today
Isaiah Likely – Fire it up baby!

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