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PrizePicks Thursday Night NFL 11/16

by: Jonny Danger

Prize Picks is a game that allows you the thrill to pick fantasy players and root for or against guys in every game, without the fear of going up against DFS professionals or massive multi-entry players. 

Simply pick a selection of 2, 3, or 4 players and decide whether they will go over or under their fantasy points projection. No other entries to fight against,  no optimal lineup builders to outsmart. You evaluate a game and the situation for individual players and place your picks! 

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Let’s look at the Thursday Night NFL showdown!

MIN Vikings (-3.5)
CHI Bears (44.0)

Don’t stress each individual player. Don’t make it that hard on yourself. Find your story on how the game will play out and apply that across the board. If you make sense of the game flow needed for the outcome you will believe will happen then all the players should neatly fall into line.

Divisional rivalry in Prime Time again! I am still not exactly sure how to play this one overall. Chicago indeed has a tough defense and lackluster offense, now missing its workhorse RB, while the Vikings are the exact opposite, a killer offense with practically no D. It’s hard not to like Cook or the WRs playing against the Minnesota secondary… let’s see how the projections look and make a few picks.

For PrizePicks you need to select 2, 3, or 4 players and choose if they will go over or under their projected point totals. Basically playing by standard PPR fantasy scoring on most platforms. Make your selections, choose your entry amount, and win real money on the spot when you are correct! It’s the latest fantasy sports game and one of the most fun around! 

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The Breakdown

Kirk Cousins (15.8)  200 yards 2TD and an INT
I’m looking at this game more and more and thinking I like the idea of Thielan coming up big in the slot against Buster Screen. Something says to me that it’s just barely going to go over this projection as the Bears will do their best to single cover the WRs in order to put more men in the box against Cook. OVER

Nick Foles (17) 225 yards and 2 TD
Minnesota is bad at Defense… like really bad. Bad enough that Foles can;t even screw up getting into the positive on this projection. No Monty secures even more attempts through the air and I have to go OVER on this. But it is going to be a sweat in the last few minutes of the last quarter to get there.

Dalvin Cook (20.5) 80 yards for 1 TD with 3 catches for 35 yards
He’ll have to get a few more targets than normal to get here without 2 TD tonight. If I’m the Bears I crowd the line and force Kirk to throw for the win. I expect a good amount of play action to short slants to Theilan across the middle tonight. I hate to say it but I think this goes UNDER.

Ryan Nall (8.5) 35 yards plus 3 Catches for 20 yards
The run game is split between 4 guys in Chicago tonight with the addition of Lamar Miller from the practice squad. Since I can’t predict who will get the main share I will have to go UNDER here unless you think he gets that goal line TD tonight as the biggest body in the backfield.

Adam Thielan (14) 4 Catches 40 yards and a TD
I already mentioned above I like the play action slant pass tonight. I really think Thielan gets in the endzone tonight so I have to go OVER, but the Bears are an elite pass defense. Their real weak point is the slot corner position, so look for Thielan to take advantage. OVER

Allen Robinson (16.5) 4 catches 65 yards and a TD
If you think he is hobbled and will be used as a decoy look no further for and under lock. I don;t think he plays if he isn;t ready to contribute though and against one of the worst secondaries in the league he should roast tonight. OVER

Justin Jefferson (13.5) 5 catches 85 yards
Man what stud he looked like before their Bye week… sadly his last 2 games, granted against 2 of the leagues worst rush defenses, he only saw 4 targets each. This is the single best coverage he has faced all year and I do believe they shut him down. I’m and Emphatic UNDER.

Darnell Mooney (11) 5 catches 60 yards
Eleven points? This dude got 11 TARGETS last week. He is by far my favorite play in DFS Showdowns tonight and emerging as a true WR2 in the NFL. This, my friends, is what a SMASH OVER looks like.

Kyle Rudulph (6.5) 3 catches 35 yards
Irv Smith out helps, but a tough defense that might see him block more hurts. I don’t like the outside receivers though and he is a big endzone target and the likelihood of 1 falling into his hands is high enough that I can go OVER here as he could hit this without the TD.

Jimmy Graham (9.1) 4 catches 50 yards
I hate when I like Jimmy to go over… He is getting 7 targets a game though if you scrap the NYG game and as we know Minnesota sucks at stopping the pass… always a threat for a TD I have to go OVER on this projection.

Oddly I like this game to go well over the 44 total so I think I would go OVER on either Kicker if you want to go that route, particularly Santos.

Good Luck!!!

-Jonny Danger

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