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NBA September 23rd

I’m no NBA expert but I am a sucker for bonus money on bets! Tonight’s NBA game on Prize Picks features an additional 1.5x on your winnings if you include Jimmy Butler in your picks.

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Here is your scoring chart for NBA:

Action Points
Point: 1
Rebound: 1.2
Assist: 1.5
Block: 3
Steal: 3
Turnover: -1

Here are the players that you can choose from for over/under:

I like Miami to take this game at home. One key too, is that in the playoffs teams tend to stick to their core 7-8 players more than usual. Boston especially…

Boston: Smart, Brown, Walker, and Tatum play basically the entire game with Theis and Gordon filling in most of the time.

Tatum 48 O/U is a tough call. He can dominate a game, but that’s a ton of points in a game I feel they lose. So I’m leaning under but don’t blame you if you think he is the man tonight or that the Celtics will win.

Brown 38.5 O/U is another one I’m on the fence about. He basically never leaves the floor, but again, I like Miami so I like the under but its closer than I want it to be.

Smart 29 O/U is my favorite over bet because of his playing time and that is basically his DraftKings average scoring and I feel Prize Picks is a bit more generous to points when you don’t consider DraftKings bonuses.

Theis 19.5 O/U is a fairly safe under on my opinion. His playing time is game flow dependent and they will need more 3pt shooting than he supplies if the game goes as I see it.

Butler 37.5 O/U is the bonus 1.5x Prize player tonight. As I like his team to win, he has a good shot at leading the scoring. I’m going over on this and even have him in my Captain slot in my DK showdown.

Adebayo 44.5 O/U is a really high score but Bam is a beast and positive gameflow is likely for him. He can absolutely abuse this Celtics team and I’m hammering the over.

Dragic 34 O/U he has under performed recently but should play well tonight. I’m torn here as I think the line is fair. I’m avoiding but might have to come to the over before game lock…

Herro 29.5 O/U is again pretty spot on. If they have to push at the end of the game to win it could haunt me, but I lean slightly under here. Mostly avoiding.

Robinson 18.9 O/U Miami spread the playing time a lot more than Boston so I like fading Robinson as he could find himself not in position to get enough time to score in relevant numbers.

Good luck, fam. Cheers!

Join me at https://www.myprizepicks.com/welcome?invite_code=0150292 and get a 25% bonus on your first Deposit!