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Let’s look at Monday Nights NFL showdown – October 19th

Let’s look at tonight’s NFL showdown!

ARI (55.0)


DAL (-1)


We get to watch a full game of Dak-free football on the side of the Cowboys against a team that continues to disappoint in the Cardinals. We thought that Kyler Murray with newly acquired DeAndre Hopkins would be explosive and Kenyan Drake would want to prove he was a featured back. I can’t say Hopkins has been anything but sensational but that’s where my praise will end. On the other side, the Cowboys have fielded perhaps the decades worst defense, but have been in every game thanks to Dak’s league-leading yardage and an impressive offense.

This week will test the veteran arm of Andy Dalton and give him the best weapons he has had in his career. He isn’t as mobile and doesn’t have as big of an arm but the threat of Zeke and ability of his pass-catchers should give him a healthy share of fantasy points tonight.

You have to like all the WRs on the Arizona side as calling the Dallas secondary Swiss cheese gives a bad name to the cheese…


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The Breakdown

Kyler Murray (25.5) 250 1TD, 55 yards rushing and a TD

Rushing has saved the year for Kyler’s seasonal owners and I don’t see any reason that he doesn’t succeed tonight as well. This is a very spot on projection that I would probably stay away from but if forced to pick I am going OVER.

Andy Dalton (20) 300 2TD

I think this is pretty low considering what he will need to put up to compete in this game. They may rely more on the run than they have if they can keep the scoring down but all signs point to shootout the same as all the previous weeks. Smash the OVER.

Kenyan Drake (13.4) 60 Yards & TD with 1 catch for 10 yards

I mean, those are his exact averages for the most part. This offense will be running a ton of plays and even with Edmonds eating into his time I don’t see any reason why he doesn’t hit just that. OVER

Ezekiel Elliot (22.5) 75 Yards and a TD, 5 catches 40 yards

Though Zeke hasn’t gone over 100 yards yet I can make a case for this to be his first of the year. Cardinals D has been decent against the run but it is their softest spot and without Dak the Cowboys need to get Zeke to regain the monster status he used to command. OVER

DeAndre Hopkins (21) 6 catches 90 yards and a TD

Hopkins is a pure BEAST and should be the focal point yet again. They are going to get a bunch of targets his way and I could easily see double-digits catches, triple-digit yardage and multiple TDs. OVER in a big way.

Amari Cooper (15.5) 7 catches 85 yards

Cooper is very up and down, though traditionally better at home he came up super small last week against the Giants. The strength of the Cardinals Defense is its ability to shut down the big outside receiver and the couple drives that Dalton took over he seemed to favor Gallup over Cooper. Arizona gives up the slot and the RB out of the backfield. I’m going UNDER on Amari.

Christian Kirk (9) 4 catches 50 yards

It is possible that Hopkins draws the double team all night and Kirk gets single covered. Isabella has seen nice production and Chase Edmonds has been effectively the second receiver in this offense. It’s such a low number in a fast-paced, high-scoring game, but I think I’m still UNDER but just barely. Probably avoiding this spot.

Ceedee Lamb (13) 7 catches 60 yards

Lamb has solidified himself as the perhaps the main focus of the passing game. I don’t see how he goes under those totals. His only hold up is he only has 2 TDs on the year and those came in the same game. His usage suggests positive regression on the TD front so I am on the OVER fairly confidently.

Larry Fitzgerald (7.5) 3 catches 45 yards

He just doesn’t have any juice left and when Hopkins is simply dominant he doesn’t have to be. I can’t believe I am going to under 7.5 but truth is he only has hit this number once this year. UNDER

Dalton Schultz (8.5) 3 catches 55 yards

I’m not sure if Dalton will be a guy that targets the TE as much as Dak has. I’m really down on this position for the Cowboys until I see how it shakes out. Without being as mobile, I think Andy Dalton will need more blocking and Schultz will be stuck on the line instead of running routes. UNDER

As always I don’t really play kickers though lean OVER on both and I don’t do IDP so if you want to play defensive players there are all kinds of great IDP info out there for you to find.

Good Luck!!!

-Jonny Danger

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