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Season-Long Trade Targets

The overall strategy to gauging trade targets is finding guys that the field is lower on than you are and, of course, for trading guys, finding guys the field is higher on than you are. We can do this by looking at guys who are injured, recently had good weeks, or have underperformed then we can project how those things look moving forward, to make more informed decisions.

Here are some thoughts on a few guys that might fit the bill. This is by no means an endorsement of any of these trade situations – simply something for you to consider in the context of your roster and league settings.  


Running Backs

Christian McCaffrey (Trade/Trade For) – He was the number 1 overall pick for a reason. A super versatile back and, even in a reduced role from last year, can carry a team to a championship. However, with his injury he may have left you or one of your league mates in need of some additional help. If I’m offering someone up for him, it’s someone that I can live without, but would still entice another owner. Maybe less than a DJ Moore, but more than a TY Hilton type of player.

Aaron Jones (Trade/Trade For) – His stock probably won’t get any better than it is right now. He tends to see increased workload with Devante Adams out, and I don’t think that carries over into this week. He’s had 14 total targets over the last two weeks and just had a monster game against a bad defense at home. You can probably get anything you want for him at this point, but do you want to? TD regression has to come at some point as it did for Alvin Kamara. It took 2 seasons for that to totally happen though. This could be the season that Aaron Jones wins people leagues and finds himself looking like the #1 pick next year. It’s a slippery situation. I’m not letting him go if he’s on my team unless I get a nice offer. A top-end Wide Receiver and possibly a guy like CMC coming back. That’s totally dependent on whether I can make it through the next few weeks without CMC or whoever I get back.

David Johnson (Trade For) – Johnson played almost all the snaps last week. This offense had a super tough match-up with Baltimore and the stock on all the pieces in this offense are low and likely will get lower after this upcoming week playing Pittsburgh. Maybe you make the offer now or try and get him even cheaper next week. What I do believe is that Johnson is the undisputed lead back in Houston so I’d be looking to make offers on him if people are interested in selling.

Wide Receivers

Allen Robinson (Trade/Trade For) – While he’s running on 98% of dropbacks, he hasn’t been able to produce a great week quite yet. This despite playing against two bad secondaries. I’m not blaming him for this as I believe it’s more who’s throwing him the ball than him. The two schools of thought would be if you’re looking to trade him: It’s not going to get much easier from here. Get what value you can from the large target share and internet buzz over him. Even then you might wait until after he plays Atlanta and hope he has a good game. However, if he doesn’t it’s going to be harder to unload his talent whiffing on 3 straight cake matchups. On the other hand, you might just be thinking this has to turn around and want to get him before he smashes this Falcons secondary.

AJ Green (Trade For) – I still like AJ Green, I like his Air Yards, I like his Market Share. Sure he isn’t exactly the guy he was a few years ago but he hasn’t played all that much in the last two years. He’s going to get better, his role in this offense is fine, and you should be able to get him for a super cheap price. Currently, fantasy owners didn’t invest an early pick in him and that should make prying him away easier if you need some help in your WR 2/3 or flex positions.

Will Fuller (Trade For) – I was going to talk about Fuller, but I might be looking to get him after the Steelers game. He had a huge role in the offense against KC but was nowhere to be found last week against Baltimore. That could be because of some type of injury tweak, or just a rock-solid defense that’s hard to catch the ball against. It’s not a bad thing to gauge the value here. I think he’s closer, if healthy, to what we saw in week 1 versus week 2.

Tight End

Mark Andrews – His week two involvement in the offense closely resembled that of 2019. The thought was that without Hayden Hurst he may get an increased snap/route count. After week 1 that seemed to be the case. The problem last year with Andrews was that he just didn’t have the role in the offense to sustain him week-to-week without a touchdown. He still caught a lot of those so when it looked like that role increased, he instantly looked like THE TE1 for the year. While it appears those fluctuations will still occur, if you got decimated by injury and you have Andrews, his stock is still high enough that you can probably get 1 or 2 players for him to fill out your roster.  

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