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DFS Building Blocks – Week 12


Still looking at Brady passing stack and a Burrow stack in my secondary lineup. Both are pretty far down the expected ownership list, but I'm leaning Burrow because Henry is less than 5% ownership. I love playing him at low ownership as a great pivot away from some of the value RB options, notably Perine. A Burrow instead of Perine lineup, paired with Henry, gives us some nice leverage on the field. I'll likely lean to stacking with Boyd for the salary savings, but I haven't ruled out playing Burrow naked. It's not inconceivable that Chase plays, and even if he doesn't, could see Burrow get four TDs but spread them out so none of his pass catchers put up a monster game.

Weird week at WR where Allen and Deebo are expected to be really popular. Both have injury issues and other weapons that their teams can prioritize. Those ownership levels seem like a mistake, meaning we don't have to go out of way to get leverage on the field this week. Just build smart, correlated lineups and we'll be starting ahead already.


It seems like weeks ago now that Barkley and the Giants DEF put up a stinker ruining our Fields + Cooper lineup. Even ruined our Patterson return TD.

It was a really low scoring week overall. Perhaps the lowest I can remember in recent years. Had we gone Robinson (who didn’t do much) + Washington DEF instead of Barkley last week we’re in business. Hopefully you got there. I thought about swapping from Barkley to Pollard Sunday morning simply because he was projecting to be so low owned, but I expected Elliot to bounce back pretty well. He did, but Pollard also was the top RB of the day. That actually led to a nice pivot away from Pollard for our Thanksgiving lineups.

Initial Reactions

Seattle vs Las Vegas jumps out to me. If Murray is fully healthy, which he seems to be, the public should be on this game as a potential shootout. On a less obvious note, Washington vs Atlanta could, Cincinnati vs Tennesee could, and Jacksonville vs Baltimore could. We’ll likely be able to find some low-owned spots that we can differentiate.

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