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Post week 13 Waiver Wire

Post Week 13 Waivers

Playoff weeks begin! Don’t slack on the Waiver wire! You’ve made it now it’s time to make sure that bench is going to work for you! Clear out dead space. Ditch the guys that didn’t develop, ditch the guys you can find replacements for on the wire and fill up on good situations in cake matchups!

QB Fill-ins
Let’s be real, you made the playoffs and you should have better options but just in case…

Andy Dalton – DAL
I know they are banged up but truth is no one else on the waiver has the talent around him as Dalton does. They are going to give up points on defense and will have to push the ball. Bengals are not great and the matchup is solid.

Taysom Hill – NO
Just keep rolling him out as long as they are resting Brees.

Kirk Cousin- MIN
I think the game against TB could be a shoot out!

Cam Akers – LAR
I TOLD YOU that this kid would take over eventually. All year I’ve had my eye on him and he is already on my roster waiting for his shot. How about yours?

JD McKissic – WSH
This kid can ball in this offense. SF is a solid defense but they are going to struggle against McKissic and his 10+ targets in the dump off game. The slot is also wide open against the Niners and you might see him split there on occasion.

MIke Davis – CAR
I don’t really wanna use him… but if CMC misses a week again he could get enough touches to be relevant.

Ty Johnson – NYJ
I’m not resting my playoff hopes on a Jet… but if you have sudden injuries or in a 14-16 team league and need a desperate flex, hit him up as he is a valid starting RB in the NFL.

Also Fine: Adrian Peterson,

TY Hilton – IND
The season finally is heading up! Over the last 4 games TY had had 27 targets he’s turned into 267 yards and 2 scores! He’s taken the mantle back from Pittman as the best target for Rivers!

Sammy Watkins – KC
6 and 7 targets the last 2 weeks. This offense is one you want a piece of and if he keeps getting that many looks he’s bound to go off. I really like KCs schedule the next few weeks as well.

Keke Coutee – HOU
He will be a hot commodity after a break out game last week. I’m all aboard even at Chicago.

Collin Johnson – JAX
Another good matchup. He seems to have found a spot and Ten gives up production

Josh Gordon – SEA
If you have deep benches… why not?

Streaming TE week 9

Jordan Reed- SF
Keep loading him up. Niners love their TEs

Logan Thomas – WAS
If you don’t have one if the top 5 guys on your team he’s probably the best option out there. SF looks tough on paper but Thomas plays a good amount from the slot and that’s is a weak spot for the Niners.

Tyler Eiffert – JAX
Starting to fit in nicely in this offense. Look for that to build and continue. Really nice schedule to finish the year.

Also Fine: Firkster, Schultz, Rudolph

Streaming DEF Week 8
SEA hosting Jets
SF hosting Washington
HOU heading to Bears

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