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NFL Power Ranking

NFL Power Rankings:

By: Lou Landers 


Welcome to the 2020 NFL week 11 Power Rankings. These are my personal rankings, based on my opinions of all 32 NFL teams. I go into detail only for the top 10 teams so come find me on Twitter @LandersTalks if you want further explanations, want to disagree with anything or if you want to check out my weekly podcasts. 


NFL Power Rankings: Week 11:


      1.Chiefs (8-1)

They continue to be in my top spot because I think they’re the best team in the league. They have the 2nd best record but they have also beaten some of the better teams in the AFC and they have Patrick Mahomes who is once again playing at an MVP level for them. They can all but lock up the AFC West with a win this week vs the Raiders and I still see them getting the number 1 seed in the conference. Look for their running game to be improved as well coming off their bye week. 


  1. Steelers (9-0)

After playing very poorly in week 9 vs a bad Cowboys team, the Steelers bounced back in a big way against the division rival Bengals. The win makes them 9-0 and has them in complete control of the AFC North. The only thing that could stand in their way of being one of the top seeds in the AFC would be an injury to QB Ben Roethlisberger. He has played in every game this year and has taken advantage of his many weapons at the WR position. I still don’t see this team going undefeated but they should move to 10-0 with a game vs the Jaguars this weekend. 


  1. Saints (7-2) ⬆️ 1

Even with the injury to Drew Brees, the Saints continue to climb the rankings because they continue to win games. This is the first time since SEA was undefeated that I’ve had the same team ranked as the best in the NFC in consecutive weeks. Jameis Winston is more than capable of keeping the Saints winning streak alive, a streak that currently sits at 6 games. No one in the NFC is hotter than they are and surprisingly it’s their defense that they have to thank for it. The Saints have the number 2 rush defense in the NFL and rank 5th in yards allowed per game. 


  1. Ravens (6-3) ⬇️1

Their biggest weakness was exploited on SNF against the Patriots this week. Get ahead of this team, make Lamar Jackson throw the football and you can beat them. In all 3 of their losses this season, they had to play from behind in the 4th quarter and were not able to overcome the deficits. This latest loss is eye opening though. It came against a Patriots team that was 3-5 entering the week and looked to be dead in the water. The Pats were able to shut down Jackson and the Ravens running game, while also running the football very effectively vs the number one defense in terms of points allowed per game in the NFL. The Ravens van and will bounce back but they’ve put themselves in a really tough spot when it comes to trying to win the AFC North. 


  1. Bucs (7-3) ⬆️ 4

Every week this Bucs team is moving up or down a bunch of spots it seems. I simply cannot get a good read on them due to their inconsistencies. They can’t beat the Saints, they should have lost to the 3 win Giants, and they lost to a pretty bad Bears team. However, they have also been dominant in other games and Brady has been either spectacular or very underwhelming. Why I consider them a legitimate contender right now is their defense. They have played exceptionally well for most of the season. They rank 3rd in total yards per game, 9th vs the pass, 1st vs the run and 8th in points allowed per game. If they continue this success, they have a chance to make some real noise. They will be tested this weekend against a very solid Rams team. 


  1. Colts (6-3) ⬆️ 5  

They were already on the rise thanks to their record and their defense. After their big win on TNF in week 10 over the Titans though, the Colts imo should be considered as a contender and a team to be afraid of. QB Philip Rivers takes a lot of flack and at times he deserves it. At other times he is a big reason why his teams win games and as the Colts WR’s have gotten healthy, Rivers level of play has gotten better. He is also more comfortable in this offense. This is my pick to win the AFC South and I think they are built to win in the playoffs. The one concern I have with this team is their inconsistent running game. They will need a good one this weekend when they host the Packers. 


  1. Packers (7-2) 

Even with their win and their grasp on the first seed in the NFC, the Packers are remaining in the 7 spot this week. They haven’t looked all that good over the past few weeks and that continued in week 10 where they struggled to beat a Jaguars team that has just 1 win this season; a win that came all the way back in week 1. They will have to play a much better game this weekend on the road in Indianapolis against a Colts defense that ranks 1st in the NFL in yards allowed per game. Someone other than Davante Adams has to step up for the Packers on the outside.


  1. Bills (7-3) 

They lost a tough one in week 10 in the final seconds. Kyler Murray Hail Mary hauled in by DeAndre Hopkins who caught the ball between 3 Bills defenders. Losing a game like that doesn’t warrant me moving them down. This is a very good football team who lost to a solid Cardinals team in Arizona. They are one of only 3 AFC teams with 7 wins right now and they’re doing it with an underachieving defense. What’s keeping them from being elite is their lack of rushing attack on offense and their inability to stop the run on defense. They’re basically a lock for the playoffs, but they are looking over their shoulder at the 6-3 Dolphins. 



Seahawks (6-3) ⬇️  4 

Rams (6-3) ⬆️

Cardinals (6-3) ⬆️ 1

All three of these teams are deserving of being in the top 10. 

The Seahawks are playing their worst football currently. They have lost 2 straight games to 2 teams with winning records. 

The Rams just beat the Seahawks and they have the best defense in their division which does give them an edge over the rest of the teams imo. 

The Cardinals just beat the Bills, they beat the Seahawks earlier this season and they lead the NFL in yards per game and rushing yards per game. 

All three teams have big tests coming up this week. The Seahawks and Cardinals will play each other on TNF and the Rams travel to Tampa to take on the Bucs on MNF. 

  1. Dolphins 6-3) ⬇️ 2
  2. Titans (6-3) ⬇️ 7
  3. Raiders (6-3) 
  4. Browns (6-3) ⬆️ 2      
  5. Vikings (4-5) ⬆️ 3
  6. Patriots (4-5)  ⬆️ 7
  7. Bears (5-5) ⬇️ 3
  8. 49ers (4-6) ⬇️ 1
  9. Falcons (3-6) 
  10. Lions (4-5) ⬆️ 1
  11. Eagles (3-5-1)⬇️ 6
  12. Panthers (3-7) ⬇️ 2
  13. Giants (3-7) ⬆️
  14. Broncos (3-6) ⬇️ 2
  15. Chargers (2-7)
  16. Bengals (2-6-1) ⬇️ 2
  17. Texans (2-7) 
  18. WSH Football Team (2-7)
  19. Cowboys (2-7)
  20. Jaguars (1-8)
  21. Jets (0-9)

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