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Waiver Targets

Jonny Danger’s Waiver Targets

General Waiver Theory

Waiver wires are the key to Championships. Ok, strike that. Avoiding injuries is the key to Championships this year. As both are usually key you can’t just look at the top adds on Yahoo each week and put a waiver claim in. There is always more to the story, like is it a waiver priority list where after you pick a guy you move to the back of the priority list, or is it a free agent acquisition budget (FAAB). The former, you need to weigh your actual team needs with what’s on the wire and if that pick up is worth moving to the back of the line. The truth is you just don’t NEED every hot waiver pick up. Sometimes that ability to hold onto priority could be the biggest advantage when a true league winner becomes available (think Mostert and Drake last year). In the FAAB leagues you have a set budget, say $100, to work with on the year and you need to bid for the players blindly against your league mates. In these leagues, just like with waiver priority, you have to judge the actual value to your team for your dollars. If you have 3 solid starting RB’s and a handcuff or two, you don’t need to go all-in on Mike Davis or Dion Lewis. If on the other hand, you lost Barkley and Le’Veon Bell these last 2 weeks you need to fill those spots and maybe spend a big chunk to keep those roster spots filled.

So much theory depends on your roster construction and where the other team needs are in your league. Be conscious of who lost what players to injury or have studs coming up to a bye week. If someone with a higher wavier priority needs a starting RB really bad, they’ll probably take the player you want. Or they’ll outbid you in a FAAB league.

Please reach out to us on Facebook or hit me up on Twitter (@tipsypicksdfs) if you have questions. I’m happy to give you individual advice.

Q1 Review and Week 4 Waivers

A quarter of the year is in the books. Injuries, illness, and straight-up depth chart bombs have rocked the waiver-wire landscape each week. If you’ve been with us since post draft we have been on fire together and your depth should be fantastic! There is always room though to churn that bench and keep ahead of the competition. It’s time for bye weeks and you should always be looking two weeks out so you’re prepared before you have to use up waiver priority or FAAB budget.

Let take this Q1 of the season and go team by team to see how fringe players are stacking up and if we are interested.

Arizona Cardinals-

We were all over the Cardinals during draft season as a stand out potential like Baltimore last year. Oof, it’s been hard to watch. I think maybe they are just bad at football. Kyler Murray is averaging less than 230 yards a game through the air and it’s not because of a prolific ground game as Drake has probably disappointed more than Murray has this year. Outside of D Hop who is basically averaging 10 catches and 100 yards a week the next best receiver for them has been Chase Edmonds! I’m not seeing much value on this team at this moment but maybe Arnold as a TE streaming option in the right circumstance.

Atlanta Falcons-

Matt Ryan just looks… tired. He has no power in that arm on the run and the GB front had him scrambling all over the place last night. Jones needs to just sit for a couple weeks and get healthy and Ridley was obviously still hampered by injury. Pay attention to Olamide Zaccheaus, his 9 targets last night, in addition to the 6 from the previous week, are a solid indication that Ryan isn’t afraid to trust him downfield. I’m not sure I’m ready to pull the trigger on the waiver wire, but if he makes it to the FA list this week, he is worth a stash or fill-in for bye weeks in the right environment as long as Jones is out. Gage and Ridley really disappointed but this offense is throwing a ton so don’t panic.

Baltimore Ravens-

I want to like more pieces of this team but the truth is it’s all Lamar. Brown is his best target but still only getting 6.25 targets a game. The running game is all Lamar too with no RB getting even 10 carries a game on average. Watch Dobbins as I believe his talent breaks out eventually but if you don’t own Jackson, Brown, or Andrews there really isn’t a reason to pay much attention to the fringe players.

Buffalo Bills-

Josh Allen continues his breakout season and I am frustratingly low on ownership of him. We talked about him a bunch pre-season and I just never pulled the trigger. I still am very much interested in Singletary as he has a lock on the role. If you need an RB and he’s sitting in a flex position on one of your league mate’s teams I would even trade for him if you could. Seems you could very much roster John Brown if someone gave up on him while he was injured and Beasley makes a good bye week fill-in or injury replacement if needed. I’m into this team and am willing to roll with any piece that’s there if you need a spot filled.

Carolina Panthers-

What a year for the Panthers that moved on from Cam and lost CMC. If you were like me you followed the move of Robby Anderson from the Jets back into a spot where he has a coach that was with him in college and in NY. I grabbed him in most leagues and in best balls and it has paid off handsomely. This coming week is a week I am targeting pieces as they face Atlanta. Look for Curtis Samuel if you need a fill in, trade for DJ Moore if his owner is frustrated and if you have Mike Davis this is the time to trade him away. He is due for a good game and CMC will likely be back soon so I am trading high on him RIGHT NOW!

Cincinnati Bengals-

Joe Burrow is quietly a QB1 and producing. Absolutely a streaming option every week if he isn’t owned in your league, but that window is most likely closed. I’m buying on AJ Green. The talent is there, it’s the rust that just needs to be chipped away. Coverage is more and more on Boyd and if Mixon can show up as he did in week 4 there is room for Green to produce. Also looking ahead in weeks 12,13,14 he gets Giants, Dolphins, and Cowboys. Low ball the Green owner or watch for him to be dropped.

Chicago Bears-

The Foles era is officially in play. Good news for Allen Robinson owners and if you need a TE I think Jimmy Graham has enough left in the tank to be relevant most weeks. Foles knows how to push downfield to big targets. I was encouraged to see 6 targets for Monty and am still on his bandwagon. Keep an eye on Darnell Mooney if you are in deep leagues and need a flyer. The Bears don’t have a true #2 and his targets have raised steadily each week.

Cleveland Browns-

Chubb is going to miss some time and Hunt is about to be what I need him to be as my #1 owned player in Best Ball leagues this year. He isn’t going to just suddenly get 30 touches a game though and probably my #1 Waiver priority this week will go to the guy to take the other half of the shares in the backfield. D’Ernest Johnson at 5’10” and 215 will fill in nicely to take the load off Hunt as he did last week with 13 carries for 95 yards. He has good hands too and could see a target or three himself. We also saw life from Austin Hooper who is only 53% owned in Yahoo leagues. I’ve really liked this Browns team each week and loved seeing it come together. I called this in the Tipsy Pick video and I hope the confidence boost pushes through to week 5.

Dallas Cowboys-

Every piece of this offense is most likely owned so don’t stress out here. More importantly, they are an absolute mess on Defense and you can just light em up each week and target your streaming players against them. Do keep your eye on Cedric Wilson if there is any hint of injury to the main 3 WRs.

Denver Broncos-

I don’t have much to say about this team. I have literally no interest besides Gordon and Fant. NEXT!

Detroit Lions-

Here we go again… Swift has talent but the Lions refuse to develop any kind of competent running game. The offense is force the ball to Golladay and the rest gets spread to 8 other guys. I have no interest in this team and I give up on Jones Jr in DFS after playing him 4 straight weeks. Stafford is a completely fine streaming option if he is out there on a week you need him but besides Golladay, no one is getting consistent looks enough to warrant any love.

Green Bay Packers-

Rodgers doesn’t care who is there to throw too. I have zero interest in trying my hand at which WR will be his guy on any given week but it certainly looks like Tonyan is a legit threat and GB finally has figured out how to use TEs! Jamaal Williams continues to be used enough to consider injury or bye week flyers and certainly of great interest if Aaron Jones goes down. I’m watching that closely and love how they are using the RBs in the passing game.

Houston Texans-

NEW COACH TIME!! Maybe the new guy will be more creative then Bill O’Brien! It won’t be hard that is for sure. I still love this offense, although I would love to see a true #2 emerge in the WR corps. Cobb looks like he could be the guy but hard to say if a new offense will be installed or tweaked. Cooks has the most talent but I’m still good with taking on Cobb as a speculative add.

Indianapolis Colts-

I guess Rivers can be a streaming option in the right spot but I’m off this offense outside of Taylor and Mo Alie-Cox. Mo has been getting it done in short snaps and looks. At 174 Yards and 2 TDs in the last 3 games, he has to warrant streaming consideration most weeks.

Kansas City Chiefs-

There is very little value to find on the waivers with this team but if Hardman happens to still be sitting on the wire and you have space he is a hell of an addition if anything happens to Watkins or Hill or even Kelce. On a side note, I am ok trading away CEH if you get a good offer. I don’t see this team utilizing him to his public perception and think you could get a top tier WR or TE in return if you have the RB depth to move him.

Las Vegas Raiders-

Waller and Jacobs are the only names you need. Carr is a perfectly acceptable QB stream depending on match up. They really need some play out of their WR and they are a dangerous team. Until that happens though I’m not interested in any of the guys they are trotting out till Edwards or Ruggs can show me a good game.

Los Angeles Chargers-

Ekeler is out and probably for the next 6-8 weeks. If you have stashed Kelley this whole time as I have, now is his chance. Unfortunately, he fumbled immediately in a key spot after taking over. Hey, remember when Justin Jackson actually won the back-up job in front of Ekeler just a couple years ago? I bet the coaching staff hasn’t. Jackson suits the role a hell of a lot better than Kelley does and has the experience to show for it. I LOVE Jackson to see more value than Kelley and am all over him as a pick-up.

Los Angeles Rams-

Henderson? Brown? Or is it Akers? Man, this has been a guessing game. Chances are all are owned… I even have a team with all 3… I really like this offense but it is frustrating picking between players not named Kupp or Woods. IF you have them, my money is still on Akers to come out ahead by the end of the year.

Jacksonville Jaguars-

Minshew was just missing his baby, Chark! This offense just hums differently when DJ is in the game. All the pertinent pieces are owned in your league but Minshew is most definitely a streamer when he has all his weapons. Giddy-up!

Miami Dolphins-

Obviously, Fitzpatrick is always in play to stream. Outside of maybe Preston WiIliams who has disappointed there is really no one else here that I have interest in for the stock watch.

Minnesota Vikings-

Kirk Cousins is atop my streaming list this week against SEA. Almost 100% of targets are heading to Thielen and Jefferson so no parts for waiver wires this week. I am still on the handcuff watch with Mattison as Cook has injury history and this team will force feed him the ball if he has to step up.

New England Patriots-

Cam out another week and neither back up looked good so I am all out on NE players. Byrd continues to get looks and some of the highest snap counts in the league but this team relies on the ground game and stout defense to get the job done. Watch him and use for salary relief in DFS but no hurry to your roster unless an injury to Edelman or Harry forces him to get more looks.

New Orleans Saints-

Brees is only a streaming option at this point and most weeks I can find better. Without Thomas, this team is all Kamara. If you need the depth Tre’Quan Smith has done fine in the lead role but when Thomas gets back those targets go down. Lat Murray has been disappointing but that is no shock with Kamara’s effectiveness.

New York Giants-

This is the week… lol. I have been calling for Daniel Jones in Tipsy Picks for a couple weeks and now I am going streaming with him. If he can’t figure out the Cowboys then he is dead to me. He has just enough talent around him to be able to put up 3 scores at least with the worst defense in the league staring at him. Line him up one last time. A waiver pick on Tate seems appropriate for a one week flyer against the Cowboys.

New York Jets-

Lev Bell may be back and he gets an Arizona team that just doesn’t seem right. With all the injuries piled up even Adam Gase can’t mess up just handing the ball to Bell right? Sigh…

Philadelphia Eagles-

A team in desperate need of solid play from their QB and WR. This team is kind of a mess. And I am on a wait and see if they can develop any consistency. Maybe Alshon can get back and produce? No harm in throwing a deep bench flyer on him just in case.

San Francisco 49ers-

Another team that you just can’t trust. Aiyuk has shown flashes, Deebo can be a stud when healthy, but you don’t know which running back it will be because none of them can stay 100% Healthy. The team runs through Kittle and I would trust Mostert when fully ready to go, otherwise, I am not on anyone here.

Seattle Seahawks-

No need to talk about these guys. My only suggestion is David Moore as a stash in case anything happens to Metcalf or Lockett. The rest are studs, and owned.

Pittsburgh Steelers-

Don’t lose faith in Diontae Johnson but keep a close eye on Claypool. He has the talent to probably be ahead of James Washington soon and if injury strikes he’s going to get a great shot at instant production. Ben looks solid and I am ok stashing future pieces of this Offense.

Tampa Bay Bucs-

Good luck guessing the TE of the week! Stream away as they all have Red Zone potential. I’m on with Miller in the case of Evans or Godwin out any given week. Can we just watch Tom Brady and all agree he is just so pretty?

Tennessee Titans-

No idea what to think here as I am not convinced they will play this week. The players are pretty clear in this offense as Davis has been exceptional in Brown’s absence and Humphries can be made into a streaming case each week.

Washington Football Team-

Outside of Gibson, Terry, and Thomas I don’t like anyone besides an occasional Inman spot against the right team. Kinda just avoiding this team most weeks.


Waiver Targets:

D’Ernest Johnson – CLE RB

Justin Jackson – LAC RB

Robert Tonyan – GB TE

Joshua Kelley – LAC RB

Olamide Zaccheaus – ATL WR

Randall Cobb – HOU WR

Golden Tate – NYG WR


After Waivers Clear Targets:

Darnell Mooney – CHI WR

Alshon Jeffery – PHI WR

Chase Edmonds – ARI RB


Watch List:

Cedric Wilson – DAL WR

David Moore – SEA WR

Chase Claypool – PIT WR

Jamaal Williams – GB RB

Mecole Hardman – KC WR

Alexander Mattison – MIN RB

Damiere Byrd – NE WR


Not Interested List:

Damien Harris
Tim Patrick
Tee Higgins

Week 5 Look-ahead Streamers

Streaming QB

J Herbert LAC @ NO

T Bridgewater CAR @ ATL

G Minshew @ HOU

D Jones @ DAL


Streaming TE

Mo Alie-Cox IND @ CLE

E Ebron PIT @ PHI


Streaming DEF




Week 3

Injuries are going to define this season even more than anticipated. Possible games influenced by Covid might throw another wrinkle into the mix. So let’s stay ahead of the game.

Injury Adjustments

Julio Jones – Missed another game and might miss another still. Good news is he has until Monday night to be ready. Bad news is anyone you would start instead probably played already. With the news of Gage most likely out with a  concussion for week 4, if you just want to plug in another WR from this pass-happy offense you could look at Olamide Zaccheaus who saw 6 targets last week or Brandon Powell if someone beats you to OZ. You could get either after the wire closes.

Davante Adams – Missed week 3 and still TBD for week 4. Monitor this closely as when he’s in he gets the lion’s share of the targets in GB. If you are unlucky like me and took Julio and Adams back to back on the wheel then you are really bummed out the last 2 weeks. Chances are that Lazard and MVS are both on a roster but Yahoo is reporting only 50% ownership on Lazard and 42% on MVS. I really only like Lazard as a waiver wire target as it’s a good matchup against the Falcons and his upside largely stays the same if Adams plays.

Michael Thomas – Most likely misses another week and Tre’Quan Smith has been the most targeted receiver in his absence. If you absolutely need a guy to fill a starting slot you might look his way but even at the most targets he is simply an inefficient pass catcher and I’m not really interested. Sanders is the better option but he is owned in a majority of leagues.

A.J. Brown – Assuming he misses another week you can look at Adam Humphries as he has seen 7 targets in each of the last 2 games but has done very little with them. He’s only on my list in emergency situations.

Chris Godwin – Looking like there will be a multiple-week absence. Scotty Miller is the obvious guy to gain snaps in his absence. He has an injury status question of his own but with Godwin and Watson likely out he and OJ Howard should be the main beneficiaries.

Diontae Johnson – Will most likely miss week 4 in concussion protocol. James Washington gets immediately bumped in value if he sits.

Chris Carson – At the moment he is looking to miss at least 1 week, but keep an eye on the situation, he might just tough it out. I’m not excited about Hyde as I think they might see what they have in Travis Homer instead, as Hyde has never factored in the passing game in his career.

Hottest Pick Ups

Allen Lazard – If he is there he is worth a mid-to-late value waiver priority pick and a 20%-ish FAAB bid as he is proving to be on the same page with Rodgers.

Jimmy Graham – Foles seems to be targeting TE’s more than Mitch so if you are desperate or like to stream guys you could give Jim a look. I think last week was his top performance of the year and the Colts defense has been good against the TE. I’m not using a waiver claim or bid money on him but if he makes it through waivers and you have need at TE, you could argue a case for him.

Mo Alie-Cox – With Paris Campbell out and Pittman out and Mo having shown some genuine pass-catching talent, you just might see more 2 tight end sets with both he and Doyle running routes or even chances for both to be in with one set up outside. Again, not a guy I want to give up waiver priority or FAAB money for, but I would definitely add him if he clears waivers and you are streaming TE’s or need to replace an injured spot.

Brandon Aiyuk – With the injuries mounting in SF the versatile and very talented Brandon Aiyuk will get a bunch of play in the SF offense. Mckinnon getting beat up might open more designed run plays for him and he should see a target increase with Deebo still out and now Reed looking to miss time as well. I’m ok with him in deep leagues as a late priority add but would imagine he will skate through most waivers out there and you can get him for free.

Justin Jefferson – Might be just what the Vikings needed to get that offense going. If he can keep showing the skills he flashed Sunday he will take some pressure off Thielen and Cooks to carry the team. I’m definitely ok using priority here as the offense will put up points and the terrible defense will keep them needing to push the pace.

Carlos Hyde – I’m of the mind that even if Carson misses a week there will only be a slight uptick in usage for Hyde. Seattle passes in the redzone and does it well. I prefer letting someone else waste priority and budget on him and then adding Travis Homer for free as a flyer.

Rex Burkhead – He was a part of my original Tipsy Picks before I trimmed them for length… oops… 3 TD’s later and it seems NE might actually use him regularly as long as White is away from the team. I’ve heard little in regards to White returning so go ahead and fire him up again as the Patriots might have to get creative against a seemingly unstoppable Chiefs team. It’s a risk though, as White’s return would squash a majority of his value.

Tee Higgins – Probably played the game of his year already so I’m not really interested. If you need a flyer and think he continues to see 7+ targets, wait for waivers to clear. He has Green, Boyd, and Mixon likely ahead of him in targets.

Randall Cobb – Don’t be fooled by his very efficient game last week. Unless Fuller gets injured I’m just not that interested. He only saw 14% of targets; that isn’t enough to make me think a repeat performance is likely. HOWEVER, they do face the Vikings porous secondary next week in a game they will want to win in big fashion. I wouldn’t waste priority but I can’t blame you for taking a matchup dependent shot.

Jeff Wilson – You already have him if you listened to me last week, and got him for free! Get on those friends, listen to them Tipsy Picks, not just for DFS picks but tips on Free pick-ups of guys that might be next week’s waiver wire find! If Mostert misses again and McKinnon is still bruised up he is a Flex play in all 12-team leagues. I’m in on a waiver claim and if you are a Mostert owner, go ahead and give a 15-20% FAAB bid on him to be an effective handcuff, as McKinnon simply isn’t built to take a large chunk of touches.

Nick Foles – I’m not spending waiver currency on him but he looks like a good fit for the Chicago Offense and will be a fine filler for Bye Weeks or streaming with the right matchups.


Cedric Wilson – Keep a watch in case Cooper, Gallop or Lamb get hurt only.

Greg Ward – Unless Jackson and Jeffrey and Goedert (out for a couple weeks at least probably) keep getting hurt.

Tee Higgins – Probably his best game of the year.

Andy Isabella – Perfect game script and injury situation to those around him.

Tyler Kroft – Not sustainable usage.

Braxton Berrios – He’s a Jet.

Streaming QB’s Week 4

Jared Goff at home vs NYG – Looked Good with a capital G last week, NYG are vulnerable.

Joe Burrow at home vs JAX – averaging 47 attempts a game and will run on the GL.

Kirk Cousins @ HOU – His defense isn’t good enough for ball control. Needs to air it out!

Baker Mayfield @ DAL – Cowboys giving up 370 yards a game through the air…

Ryan Fitzpatrick at home vs SEA – Will have to be in chuck-it mode all game.

Streaming DEF Week 4

Rams at home vs NYG – Giants are a mess…

Broncos @ NYJ – Ok all NY teams are a mess…

Sorry, it’s a short list, the best matchups are likely owned already.

-Jonny Danger

Tweet at me or find me on Facebook to ask your waiver questions!



Week 2

Danger had something pop up last minute. We still wanted to get you some Waiver targets so Emrick here filling in. Forgive me there will only be slight blurbs on some of these guys. 

Most of the picks aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a league winner I’m not sure how many of those you’ll find. But if you need a spot start there are definitely a few guys that fit that description. 


Justin Herbert- If you need a QB to play this week Herbert might be your guy. Currently, only on 60% of rosters for ESPN leagues, he gets to face an abysmal Jacksonville pass defense this week. 

Ryan Tannehill- Owned in only 66 percent of leagues he has a tough matchup this week but he might be a store and stash. He’s played fantastic dating back to last year when he took over for Marcus Mariotta. 

Joe Burrow- The Rookie has a really tough schedule coming up. But if you can stomach that and make it a bit deeper in the season he’s got a few very fantasy-friendly games there. From Week 11 through 14 he faces The Redskins, Giants, Miami, and Dallas in consecutive weeks. 

Running Backs

Boston Scott- Miles Sanders is out and that means it’s time to go back to the Boston Scott well. I know he burned many people earlier this year but that team is without almost anyone on the offensive side of the ball. If you’re in a pinch for a RB then Scott who currently finds himself on 11% of rosters might be your guy. 

Jerrick McKinnon and JaMycal Hasty- Take it for it what it’s worth but Hasty had the majority of the runs after Mostert went down this week. He’s certainly available and McKinnon 71% might not be. 

J.D. McKissic- The Redskins seem to be against giving Gibson a full role in the offense instead opting for sharing the touches among all the backs. McKissic has the pass-catching upside for PPR leagues that at least makes him viable. Currently rostered in 33% of leagues. It’s Dallas week for the Redskins and that elevates everyone on the offense. 

Wide Receiver 

Travis Fulgham- Back to back games with above-average production and a team that’s missing even more of offensive options puts Fulgham into another great spot. Owned currently in 62% of leagues. 

Tee Higgins- 58% owned at this point for ESPN leagues if he’s available and you need a WR this needs to be a heavy target for you this week. He’s had a huge share of the Air Yards for this offense and has looked immensely better than AJ Green. 

Mike Williams- Going up against Jacksonville this week it’s a great spot for Williams. He returned two weeks ago from injury and dominated NO with over 100 yards and two TD to boot. Keenan Allen should be back and that obviously takes away from some of his targets, but he’s without question someone that should be rostered in any 12 team league. 

Tight Ends

Dallas Goedert- With both Ertz and Goedert healthy this year, Dallas looked like the better of the two. Now with Ertz out for at least a month and Goedert eligible to come back this week he’d be another guy high on my target list. Only on 28 % of rosters. 

Logan Thomas- If you miss out on Goedert then Logan Thomas might be your guy. We’ve talked about him a lot on the DFS shows because he’s been a great value week in and week out. He finally found the end zone again this year last week and finds himself in a game against the Cowboys this week. He’s only on 10% of rosters so he should be available in your league.  

The vast amount of injuries in the last two weeks will have most teams needing to fill an empty roster spot. But not all Free Agents are created equal. Not all rosters need the hottest guy on the wire. Narrowing down your specific needs and valuing that against moving down in Waiver priority or using FAAB budget is extremely important.

Please don’t just throw a claim out for anyone.  Priority or budget is the key to crushing a league when a game changer becomes available. Though there are juicy adds available this week, I only really see 1 potential league winner out there, and that depends on a bunch of “ifs”.

Let’s go through a few teams that had a major injury or possible depth chart change that we can take advantage of.

New York Giants

Barkley’s loss is catastrophic… but there is a silver lining. Devonta Freeman is poised to sign as soon as tonight possibly. You are reading this now, so that means hopefully you also listened to me when I said before Week 1 to take a last roster spot flyer on him, right? Ok ok, so you had other Mr. Irrelevants in mind and passed because he didn’t have a team. Sure, but as we got to the last few days before the season started and I told you it wasn’t about what he had left in the tank it was about contract money and if he signed after the season started that the team wouldn’t have to guarantee his contract, and told you to take him while he was free and you did that, right? You had some fliers on some guys that might become handcuffs that you wanted to see play week 1, no problem, but before week 2 when I made the SECOND video begging you to pick him up for free you did, right? So no worries here, you already have a guy that could possibly be a front-end RB2 the rest of the way for nothing. Phew, that’s good news. In case you are new to us and didn’t hear all of those pleas, now is the time to bid almost all your FAAB and hope you have that #1 waiver-wire priority. Full force on a team that could feature him with 25 touches a game. If he’s healthy and maintains 80% of his prime talent he could be huge.

If you are in deeper leagues I like Gallman more than Lewis to benefit from Barkley’s absence. Dion will certainly get a few more touches but he is not an every-down back and Gallman has had a few successful games in relief in the past. I doubt Freeman would be ready for a full workload in his first week anyway.

Carolina Panthers

CMC will likely miss a month. Mike Davis did do ok in relief and impressed with catching 8 of 8 targets, but I’m not sold on him getting the full bulk the entire time. If you have immediate needs at RB in your starting lineup I think he has to be an option, but if you have a roster spot to speculate on, wait for after waivers and take a flyer on Trenton Cannon, especially if CMC misses more time than expected.

San Francisco 49ers

Ooof, this team is jinxed… Deebo, Jimmy, Mostert, Kittle, Coleman… The bright spot here is Shanahan prides himself on the system over individual players.  Reed certainly knocked it out in relief of Kittle and it seems every RB to touch the ball in SF is productive.  For this reason, McKinnon might be my favorite pick up of the week for immediate impact. Trust the system. Keep Jeff Wilson Jr in your sights as a handcuff for the oft-injured McKinnon. If Jimmy Grapes doesn’t go, look for me to rock the ultra-cheap Mullens, Reed, McKinnon combo in DFS.

LA Rams

Malcolm Brown has a fractured finger but may play. Cam Akers has a rib injury but may play.  Chances are Henderson is owned but if not, he’s in my top 5 pickups this week in an offense that likes to throw to the RB position.

Jacksonville Jags

This offense has been surprisingly effective. To the point that I’m almost ready to sign off on Minshew as your sole fantasy QB, almost. He and Keelan Cole have a really nice connection that I am ready to be a part of. If you need WR depth consider and add, though you should be able to wait for waivers to clear to pick him up.

Atlanta Falcons

The surprise WR of the year might just be Russell Gage. He’s going to be up and down as game flow dictates and will be infinitely valuable if Julio struggles to stay healthy. The Falcons are running 63% passing plays so far this season in big scoring matchups and they will be reluctant to run Gurley into the ground after they paid the man with no cartilage in his knee… Depth play if you have Julio and flyer play if you need a guy for fill-in weeks come byes.

LA Chargers

I feel like a record on repeat. I said Joshua Kelley impressed coaches and could take the lead back role before the season started. I said grab this guy because he’s going to vulture TDs and he did week 1. I then said get him, because the Chargers apparently forgot how to use Ekeler. Now week 2 we saw him take 23 carries and 2 catches for over 100 yards combined. He is still only 40% owned and I don’t know why he’s not already on your roster.

Watch for Trades (could benefit from new team)

Kerryon Johnson RB, DET (Carolina?)

Gus Edwards RB, BAL

Streaming QBs Week 3

  • Gardner Minshew, Beatable opponent in an offense that has let Minshew take some shots.
  • Nick Mullens, If Grapes can’t go, you could do worse than Mullins in a creative offense against a NYG team that can be thrown on and they stayed in NY after playing the Jets last week so travel lag shouldn’t be an issue.

Streaming TEs Week 3

  • Jordan Reed, No Kittle, no problem. Lock him in if George can’t go.
  • Mo Alie-Cox, over 100 yards in relief of Doyle last week. Watch Doyle’s status.
  • Tyler Eiffert, Loving this JAX matchup against Miami.
  • Logan Thomas, Cleveland struggles against the TE position.

Streaming DEF Week 3

  • Cleveland Browns, I like them more at home, and still not convinced Washington is that good. Haskins isn’t that good and their whole team is so young mistakes are going to be made.
  • LA Chargers, No CMC and on the road means I am fading Carolina offense. For the most part they kept KC in check so I don’t fear Teddy and crew this week.
  • Jacksonville Jags, at home against a QB that is as likely to thrown 3 INT as he is 3 TDs and no running game to speak of. Sign me up.


Miles Gaskins – RB MIA

Dion Lewis – RB NYG

Justin Herbert – QB LAC

Wayne Gallman – RB NYG

Chase Claypool – WR PIT

Michael Pittman – WR IND (at least not yet. Love the talent, but let’s wait and see.)

Week 1

Top RB Waiver Picks after Week 1

Benny Snell Jr, only owned in (18%) of Yahoo leagues! If you are a Connor owner, hit this hard. I’m on a 30% budget bid on him, though that may not be enough. But if you listened to me last week, you already have him!

Malcolm Brown, (28%) another post-draft suggestion by me! Though Akers was clearly the starter and led almost every drive’s early phases, Brown took complete control over short-yardage, red-zone, and goal-line carries at a clip of 50% share of the carries. In on 60% of snaps to Cam Akers 33%.

Nyheim Hines, (21%) Surprise usage in week 1. Mack is out for the year, Taylor will be the lead back but I still expect Hines to get similar work in passing games and change of pace. Definitely worth a flyer. In on 53% of snaps to Taylors 35%.

Joshua Kelley, (13%) earned the #2 role with excellent short-yardage and goal-line work. He is going to be pesky for the Ekeler owners all year… Definitely a risk of TD vulture every week. And could possibly develop into that lead back as the Chargers inexplicably only targeted Ekeler ONE TIME!!!!!

Handcuff Specials: Alexander Mattison, Chase Edmonds

Stay Ahead of the pack: Corey Clement, watch the injury news with Sanders and Scott. Devontae Booker needs to be watched and OWNED if you have Josh Jacobs.

NOT INTERESTED LIST – Adrian Peterson (113 total Yards but only 31% snaps), Peyton Barber (17/29/2  1.7 yards per carry) Miles Gaskin (led Miami snaps)

Top WR Waiver Picks after Week 1

Robby Anderson, (32%) 8 Targets that he turned in a 6/115/1 line. Teddy will use Robby for his possession skills and as an underneath guy while waiting for that big shot downfield. Though targets are similar with he and Curtis Samuel, Anderson saw more snaps and is the higher floor player.

Corey Davis, (5%) saw equal snaps as AJ Brown and will be the recipient of the lesser talented coverage back most weeks. Disappointment is an understatement but maybe 4th years a charm? Temper expectations in a heavy running offense that will feature AJ Brown and Jonnu Smith in more targeted roles.

Russel Gage, (2%) Not sure if I want him stand alone, but if you have Jones or Ridley I would suggest you roster him in a true gunslinger offense that saw him in on 70% of snaps as the #3 WR. Hayden Hurst may get more involved and take some targets away but all 3 top WR for Atlanta got 12 targets.

Laviska Shenault, (12%) with a depleted RB corp and beating out Dede for the slot spot, Shenault could be of Flex value right away with designed run plays in the mix, and is even more interesting if he pecks away at Keelan Cole’s targets. On a team that is  projected to be playing from behind most of the season, I don’t mind having this piece.

Paris Campbell, (23%) a DFS darling last week but his speed will keep him involved with Phillip Rivers forcing the ball downfield. TY will take main coverage often and Paris should continue to take even splits in targets and snaps. I like him as much or more than TY given TY’s injury history.

Watch List or Secondary depth adds if you’re in a deep bench league: Jalen Raegor/James Washington/Preston Williams

NOT INTERESTED LIST – Marquez Valdez-Scantling (too streaky, only saw 54% of snaps), Scotty Miller (Evans will be healthy, OJ Howard will stay involved), Quintez Cephus, meh.

Top TE Waiver Picks after Week 1

Dallas Goedert, (56%) He’s so hard to start but if you are going streaming he’s bound to have big weeks like this sprinkled in with complete duds. Both Ertz and he saw 80% snap share as they often run double TE.

OJ Howard, (18%) Last Tuesday I drafted him in a league and mentioned I thought he had a chance to be the #1 in TB. Thursday I doubled down on that and Sunday I mentioned him as a value play in DFS. 6 Targets and a TD confirms my feelings that the extremely physically gifted TE should be the #1 over Gronk. We will see if their coaching staff agrees. Though Gronk out-snapped him 77% to 54%, he doubled Gronk’s Targets.

Harrison Bryant, (0%) Njoku hit the IR so here is a starting TE completely unowned. Don’t take the waiver on him. Let him hit FA and get him for nothing.

Other guys to snag for free after waivers: Logan Thomas (WSH) with a good matchup against ARI, Greg Olsen (SEA), Jimmy Graham (CHI) got 7 targets from an erratic QB but a nice matchup against Giants coming.

Not interested: Ebron, Uzomah, Atkins

Top Streaming QB for Week 2

Gardner Minshew II, (26%) They seem more interested in the short passing game rather than a running game approach. His numbers will rarely be gaudy, but they will mostly play from behind and he is a viable available streamer most weeks.

Jimmy Garoppolo, (51%) Jets were just torn apart by the Buffalo passing game and SF could have the same success. As I have him in 3 seasonal leagues still, you know I’m a believer.

Tyrod Taylor, (8%) will be forced to throw and then throw and probably also throw against the visiting Chiefs.

Teddy Bridgewater, (22%) this guy might quietly be better than who you have starting if you have guys like Burrow, Rivers, maybe even Brady or Newton. Give him a go in Tampa if you need him.

Top Streaming DEF Week 2

Arizona, (4%) vs Washington. Washington is not that good. A good gameplan and fantastic execution helped them upset Philly. I expect the Cardinals to roll.

Cleveland, (9%) vs Cin. A bounce back after a drubbing by Baltimore is likely. This squad is not as bad as they looked in week 1.

Seattle, (30%) at home against NE. White got banged up and Cam can’t just do it all anymore. I expect SEA to frustrate him and dominate the Patriots who travel the furthest for a game this week.